2027(prod. kxtbeatz)

Big up to KXT BEATZ (@KEST98)


[English lyrics]

After 10 years, what am I doing
Am I just going ahead frantically
Do i live little harder
I drow a picture of my life little by little

After 10 years, what’s changed
My back cries and my face smiles
I always care my mind
The words I spill are getting upto the sky

Have hands on my both hands
Persevere my parental love and pure love
Sweat runs everyday
Am I different from what I am yesterday
Boy’s heart like we run around outside
I’ve shamed the thoughts
And put my hands on my both eyes

What I can keep believing
I look for that and beat the riddim
Nothing changes What the hell is important
I bet this way on my life if I’d be with you

You and I have not been changed
We don’t know what’s wrong
I may be still baby
I’m still in a small world